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Confidence, Heart, Intensity, Attitude, Grit, Effort, Desire

About Team Crush Baseball

The Team Crush Baseball Program is focused on player development and exposure.

Program Philosophy

Development Focused Organization - Prepare players to play at the next level.

What does this mean?

  • We invest in your son and care for their development.
  • We value practice more than games.
  • We try to practice more than we play.
  • We have professional coaches - all that have played and/or coached at or above the HS level. Many have played and coached in college and beyond. 
  • We help prepare players to get to the next level.

Winter Training Program

Our winter training program is the best and most comprehensive in the region.  We offer three base programs to all of our teams designed specifically for position players and pitchers.

Position Player Focus

  • Hitting - Improve power, barrel control, swing plane, increase hand and bat speed, and create a short and powerful swing.  Also includes Blast Motion, HitTrax, and Bat Speed training.  

  • Arm Care  - The training program offers innovative and comprehensive specialized training to reduce throwing injuries and muscle imbalances.

  • Defense - The Defense Training Program is designed to improve your defensive fundamentals.  The program provides position-specific instruction to increase your skill level.

  • Performance Training - The program includes both strength (develop more power, mobility, and conditioning) and speed and agility (improve acceleration, deceleration, foot speed, quickness, and change of direction). 

Pitcher Focus

  • 18-week Arm Care training program focused on flexibility, strength, injury prevention, and mechanics (starts in December).

Combined Position Player and Pitcher Focus Available

Spring and Summer Program

  • Practice - Our program includes the following.

    • Offseason Training (hitting, pitching, defense, and speed and agility)

    • Summer - 3 practices per week.

  • Exposure - Team Crush has played in front of more than 200 college coaches each year. Our athletes have worked hard to commit to a wide variety of D1, D2, and D3 schools.

  • Professional paid coaches.

  • Uniform: Complete uniform package.

  • Teams from 7th grade through College:

    • 7th - 8th Grade: 8 events including spring league play and summer tournaments throughout the tri-state area.

    • 9th - 11th Grade: 8 events including College Team camps, showcases, and traditional play-to-win tournaments.

    • 12th Grade - College: Participate in the Hudson Valley Collegiate League. Must be playing or committed to playing in college.

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